Kibak Tile

Design, make, bake, repeat. Hand-painted ceramic tile made in Oregon since 1981.

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Kibak Tile is the only company that has been designing and producing dry-line, hand-painted tile, specializing in custom coloring and designing for customers worldwide since 1981. We are an all female company; a lady gang of mothers, daughters, sisters, and grandmothers. Over our 40+ years in the business, our clients have ranged from satisfied homeowners to some of the most elite, architectural and design firms in the USA and abroad.

Our vision is to bring handcrafted excellence, artistry and beauty to the world of ceramic tile one piece at a time. Tile is timeless - let’s make history together.

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For decades the Kibak Tile line was sold exclusively through Ann Sacks where we earned a reputation of product mastery, swift delivery, as well as of genuinely interested team players and collaborators. Joining forces with Fireclay Tile in 2014, the infusion of the Kibak point of view and designs brought a fresh perspective to Fireclay Tile and was an instrumental force in their new look and brand aesthetic.

2017 has brought new changes at Kibak Tile. Susanne’s daughter Carli has joined the team. With a love of tile deeply imprinted since childhood, Carli’s command and skill level in both product development and outreach injects a fresh and welcome viewpoint and enthusiasm.

Also joining team Kibak this year is talented young designer, Mari Burck. Mari brings a modern, Nordic sensibility to her original tile designs. Mari’s visionary scope and flawless creative instincts make her a natural fit at Kibak Tile.

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