The Kibak Cherry Tree mural is the classic corner stone of our Sakura Collection. Inspired by the aesthetic of Japanese art, the image of the Cherry Tree is tied to the themes of mindfulness and living in the present, their blooming time so fleeting. Each unique mural is delicately handcrafted specifically for your space piece by piece, and embodies deliberate artisan skillfulness, and beauty. Whether you choose one delicate branch as an accent, or, to cover an entire surface, the allure of these tiles will influence the mood of your interior space.

  • Made in Sisters Oregon
  • Hand painted and unique for every intallation
  • Custom colors and arrangement per project
  • rough draft based on dimensions


    Send us dimensions of your project

  • conceptual render


    We will create a concept layout and work with you to make it fit perfectly with your project

  • final installation


    Together we will create an exceptional tile mural for your space

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